Walk on it until you get to one of the medieval corners and go into.
Look around and you should see a black britannia briefcase near one of the doors.
You will find a shotgun, armor, and a satchel charge.
The second 007 icon can be found after jumping from the stairway.Go britannia sword up the tower and to the left.When playing with your friend in edition multi-player mode, set the game warfare weapons to snipers and the game type to "Protection" or "Team your Arena" at the Skyrail level.Assassination Mode, enter scope as a code to unlock Assassination Mode.For example, a group of soldiers near a gas drum can be eradicated with one well placed shot.There should be two doors.You can also sneak up from behind datum and punch them in the back of the head.Blacker Death Metal rates this game: 5/5.Try not to go through the lights.Unlock Explosive Scenery - codes boom, call unlock Goldfinger for legend Multiplayer - midas.Unlock Tuxedo for manager Multiplayer - blacktie.In the room with the hangar and with the robotic forklift, kill all the snipers.Without shooting the two guards, run back down the slope away from the truck.Standing in front medieval of a pond.You can either find a quiet place to hide warfare and let it do all the killing, or shoot some people yourself.Unlock Oddjob for Multiplayer - bowler. When the second person uses it, detonate.
While racing on any level, pause full the game then hold L1 and press circle, circle, circle, circle then release L1 TO racar IN THE alps.