I cracked remember waiting up keys until 3:00 AM in anticipation of Celeste.
You can photoshop share files from a lego variety of different apps, including Photos, Notes, Music, iBooks, Contacts, Safari, Dropbox, bukkit and more.
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It never lived up to memory the astronomical amount editor of hype it generated, but it was a decent app, if not a little buggy and complicated to use.It also boasts a fairly fast transfer speed of up.7 MB/s.Despite that main process flaw, Celeste indo works well for Bluetooth transfers.With the toggle blind set to the off position, Music files were still automatically imported into the stock Music app.This means that if you want to connect with other non-Apple devices via Bluetooth, you are pretty much out of luck.High speed Bluetooth transimision, up.7 MB/s.Automatically create a WiFi hotspot for transimision read when no WiFi available (iOS to iOS, large file).AirBlue Sharing is template a great jailbreak utility and is perfect for those who are looking for a quick Celeste alternative.This is a tweak that you can just install and forget as it requires no further configuration.Fortunately, the jailbreak community has always been there so mitigate these silly limitations imposed by Apple.But as of this posting, Celeste is pretty much MIA on iOS. For someone like me, who often streams music via Bluetooth, this is a big deal.
If manager the CocoaNuts process can tighten up the Gremlin integration, then this is an app that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Have a look inside airblue sharing 9.99 cracked at our full video walkthrough after the break.
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