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Share your life on edition Facebook, not viruses.Features and Highlights, exceptional anti-virus protection, anti-virus protection that automatically updates to protect you from continually evolving threats.It full helps you out by clearly alerting edition you to threats and keeping you clear of them.You want to search and surf, full but you dont ever want to go to any infected websites.Also Available: Download AVG AntiVirus for Mac, download AVG AntiVirus Free.0.698.Neu: Software Uninstaller sorgt full durch Entfernung von Bloatware und Adware für freien Platz auf Ihrem PC, sodass edition Sie mehr full Speicher für die wichtigen Dinge haben.This is the full 32-bit version.Gaming and surfing without interruptions.Created from the ground up to provide every Windows user brilliant protection during surfing, social networking and exchanging data with other people using portable USB storage devices.It has improved core engine and its accuracy, and included a new cloud-based detection method. Safe downloads, files are checked before you download them without you having to do a thing.
The only problem I find is the AVG Safe Search add-on full that is installed in Firefox with no option to uninstall.
Today they have released a successor to their free full antivirus edition series, AVG 9 Antivirus Free edition Edition.