Portable Document Format (PDF) Publish to PDF: Spot colors assigned to fills and outlines are now maintained excel in monochrome bitmaps.
The Replace epic text properties feature in the Replace Wizard has been enhanced to work with double-byte text.Text Custom indent settings and hanging indents are now retained when saving a drawing as Coreldraw arial (.CDR) Version.0.You now have the option to install all clipart, photos and objects to your color hard drive as part of the Extras Installer; however, the suite must be installed before these central items can be installed to your hard drive.GMS Folders in the User Profile Path GMS files are normally saved to the GMS folders margin under the Coreldraw Graphics Suite arial X4Draw and Coreldraw Graphics Suite X4Corelphoto-paint folders.C:Documents and Settings Administrator Local SettingsTemp and C: winnt Temp, corel recommends that you install Coreldraw Graphics Suite X4 in its own directory to avoid conflicts with previous versions.Performance A minimum 200 MB paging file is recommended for best performance when using Coreldraw Graphics Suite X4 applications.Import/Export PDF Placed EPS files may be omitted while publishing to PDF.Barcodes now appear on the black separation layer only, instead of separating to all four colors.Tools Deleted nibs are now removed from the Brush Settings docker, thus making nibs easier to manage.RAW RAW support for the following html camera models has been added: Panasonics LX3 and FZ28, Nikon D90, P6000 and D700, Canon EOS 50D and EOS 1000D, columns password Canon PowerShot SD300, Sony suite A900, Kodak C603, and Olympus E-520. Then, when opening files created in an earlier version that ran on an operating gross system book with a different code page from that of your current operating system, make sure to set the appropriate code page in the Open dialog graphics box.
Coreldraw Graphics Suite X4 Service Pack 1 Installer Additional content is installed into separate folders according to type (clipart, objects, or photos).

Run regsvr32.exe on the add-in.
You may require a plug-in to view files saved to this format.
Coreldraw Graphics Suite coreldraw graphics suite x4 sp2 X4 Service Pack 2 will be officially available next week, at what point we will also start pushing it through the in-product notification system that is built-in both Coreldraw and Corel photo-paint.