Main Plot intl lego 964-965 (manga lecturnity 987-989V93F6-8 Kuroda and conan Rumi-sensei development.
356 intl 386-387 (manga lego 453-456V44F7-10 Kaitou Kid.
Jika ada masalah/pertanyaan silahkan tony baca FAQ, atau tanyakan langsung di Fanspage.Main Plot intl 783-784 (manga 847-849V80F8-10 Introduces Haneda Shuukichi, a bit of development for Yumi, and dave a tiny bit of Chiba and Miike.Untuk mencari jejak sindikat tersebut, dia tinggal bersama dengan teman sejak kecilnya, Ran Mouri, yang ayahnya, Kogoro Mouri, merupakan seorang detektif swasta.Main Plot* 3 (manga 6-9V1F6-9 Character development and some elements introduced for the first time.These days just about every canon case contains at least a bit of plot advancement, so countdown plot advancement has become a lot more gradual and stretched out rather than happening in player chunks scattered here and there.627-628 intl 678-679 (manga DC731-733V70F2-4 prologue MK29-30V5C1-2 Kaitou Kid.246-247 intl 265-266 (manga 311-313V31F5-7 Haibara development.Conan pun terus mengungkap kasus pencurian dan pembunuhan.The Internet can thank me later.Main Plot intl 757-758 (manga 825-827V78F8-10 Some followup with some plan details rally and Amuro.Main Plot intl 723-726 (manga 796-800V76F1-5 Detectives Nocturne (major development for Subaru, Sera, and Amuro, and some Black Organization) *Main manual Plot intl 727-728 (manga 801-803V76F6-8 software Some mild Sera keygen development and Black Organization windows build.146-147 intl 156-157 (manga 208-210V21E8-10 Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (also introduces shortcut Miyamoto Yumi) 153-154 intl 163-164 (manga 219-221V22F8-10 Introduces Kyogoku Makoto.Main Plot* 57-58 intl 59-60(manga 117-121V12F7-V13F1 Hattori Heiji major development.656-657 intl 708-709 (manga 775-777V74F2-4 Sera and Subaru development.Main Plot* 174 intl 185-188 (manga 225-230V23F4-9 Heiji case.Main Plot intl 733-735 (manga 804-808V76F9-V77F2 The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (major development for Sato and Takagi and lesser development for Sera and Amuro) *Main Plot intl 736-737 (manga 809-811V77F3-5 Haibara and Subaru development. Main Plot* Movie 15: Quarter of Silence 651 intl 702-703 (manga 778-780V74F5-7 Heiji case.

I still would recommend detective conan episode list sub indo against using this list with the English dubbed version, especially considering that version was canceled ages ago.
Posted by : Animeindo, release on 10 September 2017 at 2:53.