Big Spook - players Make 6 pigs scared with one green bird.
When ready, release the mouse button.Finally, you can bingo progress to the next level, assuming you completed the current level successfully.Pig Popper - Pop 1 000 pigs.Great Balls of class Fire - Destroy 100 asteroids.Then the main splash screen zombie appears.Episode episode 2 - Score Addict - Episode patch 2: Get points.The game also has a large file size (7MB so it may take united awhile to load, especially on a slow internet connection.Danger Zone - Total Destruction - Danger Zone: Get three stars in all levels.The evil green pigs have stolen mode the eggs episode from the birds' nest.The reichenbach puzzle is arranged in a hexagonal grid ebook where you have to complete the picture of some of Angry mode bird character.3 On October 29, 2013, patch the game was released on gaming consoles.Icepicker - Smash 5 000 ice blocks.Danger Zone - Score Addict - Danger Zone: Get points. If it doesn't work on your english browser, you'll probably get a sorry screen.
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You'll need to study dramatica forever the pigs' defenses carefully before you launch any birds.

If you wish, click the Levels game angry birds for computer Menu button to go back and replay other levels you've completed.
Use your mouse to shoot the slingshot.