Training Assassins: Without an Assassin's Guild, it csir is extremely difficult to total use them to start killing of rivals, as cheat they do not start with bonus traits the carbon guild provides for new recruits.
Locate your codes faction, then change the value of their starting Florins to " ".
Use a britannia text editor to edit the "descr_strat" file in the "medieval ii total directory.Type: "auto_win" without the"s and then what side you carbon want to win (attacker or defender) and hit enter.Now just save and close and youll have all your factions unlocked.Hit the on your keyboard and it will open a text menu.Give_trait this "trait" "level number" Allows you to give any trait carbon your faction can have to a specific general.If a riot does occur, just make more buildings.If youre an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue.Auto_win "attacker/defender" When at the battle scroll, input this code speed in, attacker if attacking, defender if defending and press auto retaliate button.If you're responsible with the kingdom, then it's not going to happen.These special items add bonuses to your generals' stats and abilities.Press during game play to display the console medieval window.You can see medieval the whole world map when inputted.Release date january 5, 2019.This tactic is especially useful against agents that are difficult to kill and give you a rough time such as assassins, inquisitors and spies.This is an extremely important ranged/siege unit early in the game until gun powder units trial arrive.Also, if you haven't incesses that successfully marry and enemy general (not a heir or king) will disappear from the family tree total but the sons and daughters will still show up codes under your service.Traits: - Use the following entries with the give_trait code.Cheat Effect george Mercenary - Monster Ribault houston Mercenary - Rocket Launcher istanbul Mercenary - Monster Bombard madras - Elephants rogan - Elephant Artillery vindaloo - Elephant Rocketeer Billion radious florins at start of grand campaign: I know there is a cheat: add_money 40000, codes its. You can edit any of the resources as desired.
But hey, you have to make sacrafices!
Continue killing until the highest level "Master Assassin." Note: After the "Gun Power" discovery, your Assassin will come equiped with a "Prototype Gun which besides increasing your agent skill, also lowers squalor effects in your cities!

This also works for the give_ancillary code.
Code: Effect: Loyal 3 Chivalry, Loyalty Brave 3 morale PoliticsSkill 3 - loyalty, authority Intelligent medieval 2 total war britannia cheat codes 3 Increased Command, Income MathematicsSkill 3 Increased Income GoodAdministrator 3 Increased Law, Trade Income GoodMiner 3 Increased Mining Income GoodTrader 3 Increased Trade Income FathersLegacy 3 Increases Authority VictorVirtue.
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