Typing do something" would call the black onCommand method.
2.put it in your plugins folder.
It can accomplish this by invoking the correct method from the plugin's logger.Additionally it also serves as an easy way to store data.It is in no way a msdn complete tutorial of all studio possibilities in Bukkit, but rather a general overview of the basics.As such, it does not make sense to put your JAR into a ZIP archive when uploading to BukkitDev and codes will only increase the file size.The answer to that is because register they aren't really visual needed.Note that this doesn't change the player's position.LoginSecurity is a lightweight password authorization plugin.Which one you photo choose visual may depend on your particular needs.Donate at the top right corner Comments Posts"d: Reply Clear All"s.Handling Reloads visual It is important to remember that this does not only occur on server shutdown and startup, your plugin can also be codes disabled and enabled by other plugins or through use register of the /reload command while the server is running.return false; return game false; If you need to modify a Player currently not online, the OfflinePlayer class provides basic manipulation methods.Additionally plugins can override the onLoad plugin method to perform additional logic when the plugin loads.These things are all members of Metadatable class(check 1 )It works very simply.A teleportation command needs a player to teleport, an item giving command needs a player to give the item.Start or reload the server you will see a file called "Register" Open it and you will see the Config text file.Writing a safe onCommand When writing an onCommand, it's important that you don't assume any information, such as the sender being a Player. registerreload - This reloads the plugin config licence so if you change the message for the server file it will display the new one.
return false; / do something return false; Check the arguments length Don't always assume the sender typed the correct amount of arguments.