He is an expert in the field of fashion and aspires to editor be a fashion designer.
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However, it is not easy for him to deal with students from reader Class 3 Merah because of their naughtiness.For him, he enjoys the opportunity to open trade at any time.His catch phrase is "Must be able to!" He aspires to be a business man, but also wants to be a spy.After the final episode ends, Oh My Ganu!, was released on November 27, 2013, continuing face the cliffhanger of the final episode.A new teacher, Henry Middleton, aims game to improve their English generator by using his unique teaching methods.His activation first career choice was as a rock star, but now Henry has interest in the field of education and is ready to face new challenges.It is revealed that the kidnapper,.Was released on January 19, 2014, four months before Season 3 started.And the season ends with the final episode, Finale (Part 2).Astro worked with the ministry since 2009 to publish world-class learning programs to schools throughout Malaysia through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Kampus Astro.Production, edit, the TV activation series is one of the collaborative efforts of the Astro with the Ministry of Education of Malaysia to improve the pronunciation of English among Malaysians.Henry Middleton, a young man aged 27 years who had editor just arrived from the UK to teach English at SMK Ayer Dalam.November 27, 2013 december 11, 2016 episodes edit, season 1 (2012) edit, season 2 (2013) edit, season 3 (2014) edit Season 4 - Class of 2015 (2015) edit Season 5 (2016) code edit AKA : After School Jibam is absent two episodes.A, wants him to run a café business.This project activation has also equipped 10,000 schools in Malaysia with flat-screen television equipment, Astro decoders and 17 education and information channels including History channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Astro Tutor code TV, Astro tviq and others. Was activation released on 27 December, 2014.