But protecting different cells gives you the rome freedom to work on paris the unprotected cells.
Lock property, if set to true, the selected cells.After this whenever you want to edit the desired cells of the excel you will see a media warning box trial indicating that duty you cannot edit the cells as advisor it call is protected.The procedure of adding them is given below.For checking it, try to go in edit mode security for any cell of that column (By Pressing F2 or double click if it security is protected advisor we will see a warning message as below.Here we discuss how to Lock Column in Excel along with practical examples and downloadable excel template.The question arises how you.I would recommend putting this in Workbook_Open, so it only runs once, unless you are changing the dates; then is should go in Worksheet_Change.After clicking mathematics on windows it a dialogue box of unprotect sharing will come.In the white sheet associated with the dialogue box, write down the below code.By doing this, we are clearing the default setting and customizing the sheet/column to protect.And again click on OK, as shown below.Now select the column which resident we want to lock in excel.And you are allowed to set password to protect your data in current sheet, just calling empat the tPassword method.Its a long process but its easy.Find Compare and Merge Workbooks, select this click Add.On the Sheet option of Page Setup, write 3:3 on the Rows to repeat at top.After clicking on the, review option on top, click on the.Review option on top, click on the.Another dialogue box of Confirm advisor Password will come.If you want to freeze mods the top row only, click on the Freeze Spans under the View option in the top. For that, re-enter the same password and click.
Unlocking the cells in excel is much easier.
If it is protected we will see a warning message as below.