Hello Everyone, time to recovery present second unit pack colection from.
Similarly to Radious, I also have a dog, an English Bullterrier cross called Max.
Teamwork - At the core of each good community is teamwork.Unpack mod (winrar/7zip for example).) I totally hate shopping, traffic jams and games empty fridge (leads to more shopping).Now to actual new units: Rome.Abilities: Use the whip, Form shield wall.Download the mod.Download the Patreon radious App and follow us here and on our other social media to stay in touch.Egyptian Royal Spearmen Recruitment: Hellenic rome Major City shamsheer level photo 4, Hellenic military beniyam main radious heavy total level 4 Abilities: Rapid games advance, Form pike square, Cavalry counter tactics Macedon.Radious, i am 32 years old (Birthday April 1).Lately pretty much modding, because my free unit time is very limited so I do play games less and less.Athenian Infantry Recruitment: Hellenic Millitary Main Heavy level 2-4, Hellenic Major city level 2-4 Abilities: Rapid Advance, Form Shield Wall.I work at Social Security Administration.Veteran Hoplites, recruitment: Hellenic Major City level 3-4, Hellenic military main heavy level 3-4.Modding Total War games I started in Rome 1, publishing my mods to the community in Empire Total War, and since Shogun 2 I managed radious to create the most subscribed and downloaded overhaul mods on steam workshop, same goes for Rome 2, Attila and Warhammer. I also play a wide variety of games.
Human Resources - We all meet people along the way, and we want beniyam to build a team of the most creative, dedicated, talented, and versatile people we can find where rome no request is too challenging, and no person feels unwanted.

Spartan Royal Cavalry Recruitment: Hellenic Millitary Main Heavy level 3-4 Abilities: Form Diamond, Rapid Advance Every single rome total war 2 radious unit pack 1 unit has its own unique look, so they are not just vanilla copies with diff weapon in their hands.
His mods are some of the most subscribed-to mods on Steam Workshop.