List of frumos changes in this pack.
Hovercraft, download Hovercraft Super Pack (5MB powerboat.
Download size toca 337MB, improves environment loading time, includes one new windows ship with working bridge controls.
Download size 668MB, includes all languages, free download, update.3 -.4.2, updates version.3 or salon higher.4.2.Ship Simulator 2006.8 patch, upgrades any version of Ship frumos Simulator 2006 to version.8.Includes Dutch, English, French, Spanish and mikhail Italian.Jumbo Javelin, download Jumbo Javelin Super Pack (14MB) List of changes in this pack Red Jet simulator Super Pack Download Red Jet Super Pack 5MB) List of changes in this pack Red Eagle Super Pack Download Red Eagle Super Pack (6MB) List of changes in this.Ship Simulator 2008 Language patch, download size 52MB, allows you dota to change the language of your Ship Simulator 2008.Updates any version of Ship Simulator 2008.4.2.User Content new horn sounds xbox version.3 (72MB) new radio sounds version.01 (72MB).These installations, created by TerryRussell and andreas tested by Mad_Fred, overwrite the default ship horns and default radio ship chatter sounds and replaces them with new, more realistic horns and a new series of english spoken chatter.Selsey III, download Selsey III Super Pack (15MB).Pushboat connection, improved dynamics, minor multiplayer interface improvements, bug mikhail fixes.Download Pride of Rotterdam Portoferraio Angel Super Pack (6MB).Download frumos Powerboat Super Pack (6MB code agile Solution 2, download Agile Solution Super Pack #2 (4MB).AI ships stop for the playership.WakeEffects improved performance, wakeEffects loading fix, floatingBox better toca update-rate, better behaviour static hacker ships.Multiplayer Server application, download size 5MB, allows you to run your a Ship Simulator 2008 Multiplayer server on your own computer.Download size 75MB, replaces all in-game horn sounds with more realistic sounds.RPA-12, download RPA-12 Super Pack (14MB list of changes in this pack. Ship Simulator Add-On Missionpack, download size 2MB.
Adds 10 new missions to the game.

Pride ship simulator 2008 update of Rotterdam Portoferraio Angel.
Bow splashes 'huge splash' fixed, bow splashes effect jitter in large environments fixed.
Vlcc Latitude, download vlcc Latitude Super Pack (6MB).