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As it would be a thankless task trying to folder keep watch over all this activity yourself, having a piece of software to help you find out what files are being created or modified could be a real time saver.To alert windows you of any change games at the configured locations, Directory Monitor will show the event in its main window which is mintema also the log file, popup a system tray alert or optionally run an external program.Download Directory Monitor.Something that users may find quite useful is a built in send to email option which will mail you every time an event is triggered which is obviously more suited for mods rare events and not to monitor a whole drive.There are also a few other screensaver interesting functions such as watching for a file association change, whether the free space has zombie changed and also if a CD/DVD (not USB media) is inserted or ejected.Although sony you can save different settings files to setup different configurations for certain folders, you cannot monitor more than one folder at a time.Monitoring can easily be stopped / started using the toolbar buttons.Microsoft instead provides other facilities (edit: like change windows journals) mods to truly capture all changes.Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 32-bit / 64-bit and full install or portable versions are available.Being able to monitor files across player the board would work, but isnt really practical.Be aware the download is a RAR windows file so you will need a third party tool to unarchive.Watch 4 Folder, while performing the task of watching for a number of different actions such as file or folder create, delete, rename or change, Watch windows 4 Folder can alert you about the change in several different ways.The type mods of changes to files and folders it can detect is also slightly less than some other programs, but is still able to identify when they are created, modified or deleted.All actions are then displayed in real time and the complete directory tree to a change will be expanded.FolderChangesView is another tiny, simple and portable utility to handle the task and actively monitor files, folders or complete drives in real time, and tells you which files have been modified, created or deleted.There always appears to be something making changes somewhere.Download Watch 4 Folder. You can go to the location or copy the path via the right click.
Which essentially are the facilities that backup systems use, and are complex on the events that are recorded.