These parts all have specifics.
The controls let you rebind keys for everything but the xpand pause menu.Optical and rally mechanical car tuning and individual parts preference settings.You can set the xtreme driving to be manual or automatic for the lazy like.Single race, online play and championship modes.The first is this is a rally race the clock game that has you racing a ghost rather than against real competition.There's a setting for realistic or arcade, the latter of which gives you trolley controls of forward and reverse rather than the former which forces you to brake, then throw your vehicle into reverse before you can back.It just feels more diverse driving over bridges or along coastlines.The tracks look beautiful and have a glow about them all depending on your graphical settings.There's a lot of realism here, car damage affects performance and your driver can get injured bad enough that it will end the event.You need to be wise with your tires and you're given stats on each course how much is tarmac and how much of it is gravel.The events consist of typical races against a ghost, time trials, one-on-one races on closed circuit courses that start one of you at the beginning and the other rally halfway through the track.OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast!To add to the realism or arcade fun, xtreme there are several different camera angles.You can visit a dealer in the menu that will sell you new vehicles.I'd normally call them stats, but these are specific numbers and details that you need to look into when tweaking your vehicle. Each course has a few details to make the environment feel more alive such as animals running in the distance or men in red shirts scurrying across the track.
You'll tear across dirt, gravel, sand, water and even tarmac or pavement for each event.

As real as it is, its still fun, easy to play, challenging and xpand rally xtreme 1920x1080 a focused experience.
Terrible drivers will soon feel the bumps and bruises of having a door torn off and having to compensate with your car pulling to one side or the other.